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“Jesus and Branding:The Podcast” welcomes you to a space where Christianity and Business don’t have to be separate things.

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“Jesus and Branding:The Podcast” welcomes you to a space where Christianity and Business don’t have to be separate things. If you’re an entrepreneur that struggles with understanding the various areas of branding or just wants some Godly inspiration and encouragement as you go on your journey, this podcast is for you.

Jesus is the biggest brand in the world. Everyone knows of Him whether they’ve picked up a bible, attended a church or NOT. Even atheists know so much about Him. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 says “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17 so that the servant of God[a] may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” I want to be able to use the Bible to show you how to make your brand stand out and influence those God has called you to.

I’ll be talking about branding in its various facets. I’ll also be sharing some encouragement and devotionals to help you propel forward in your business journey. I also plan to invite some friends as we have some compelling conversations about Jesus as well as keeping the integrity in your business.

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I can’t wait to build and grow with you. Bye!

About Cynthia

Hi! My name is Cynthia Akita and I am your “Jesus and Branding: The Podcast” host. I own Gyidi Web Design & Consulting. I am a Brand Identity Coach and Website Designer. It’s my passion to help individuals understand that they do not have to live the corporate life, especially if God is calling them to an “unconventional” path. If you’re ready to step out of that box called the “Comfort Zone”, then I’m here to help you ride the waves.

My name is Cynthia Akita and I am a CREATIVE. I like to call myself the Creative’s Advocate. Being a creative means that I have numerous skills under my belt that aid myself and others in following their dreams, and of those many titles I am a Brand Identity Coach/Strategist, and a Web Designer. I love helping individuals bring their God-ideas to life and walk them through the process of getting started and sustaining their businesses. I love working with people who are afraid but push themselves to make it happen anyway.

Growing up in a culture that didn’t promote following your dreams outside of corporate America gave me the passion of helping others follow their God-given dreams and talents. I want everyone to succeed while doing what they love, hence the motivation behind starting this company. I’ve had the pleasure of advising numerous individuals about their businesses and goals upon launch, and I can’t wait to help you as well!

I’ve been designing websites for over 8 years. I’ve always been involved in The Arts, and making websites was always one form that I practiced. I have a lot of fun designing websites and creating brands, and I figured that it was time for me to make it a career choice in order to further my ability to aid individuals in fulfilling their purpose and living their dreams.

Overall, I’m an encourager and helper. I love to see people do well and follow their dreams, no matter what. I believe that God gave us our various talents and interests in order to influence His Kingdom. Life isn’t about playing it safe, or else we wouldn’t need Jesus. I can’t wait to meet you and bring your vision to life!

Gyidi Web Design & Consulting offers a variety of services and products to help make your building and branding journey smooth.

Jesus and Branding Coaching Program

Do you always find yourself looking for a new logo, switching up your colors, frequently rebranding and confusing your audience? This means that you lack  a solid brand foundation. Put a stop to it and go through our Jesus and Branding program. We use biblical principles to teach you and build a formidable brand with you. Once you build a rock-solid brand, the rest of your processes become much easier.

Website Design

Our powerful web design will make your brand stand out to your clients. Your website is your online home! We will design your website from top to bottom and make your vision a REALITY! Have you started doing the work but need help putting your thoughts and ideas together?
Let us help you with that!

Social Media Branding

Don’t let branding hold you back. It’s an important aspect of your business and so we have a number of services to help you achieve your social media branding needs.

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We offer a number of templates for Instagram, stories, and even ebooks so that you create your opt-in offer effortlessly. Visit our shop today!


Here at Gyidi Learning Center (GLC), we are focused on your success as we provide you with courses that will increase your knowledge, business acumen, and critical thinking as you work towards starting your new business and/or rehabilitating your current business.


We Create Content Around You!

Is there a specific topic that you would like for us to discuss? I would love to know! The content is created FOR YOU! If there’s something more specific or if you have a scenario that you would like to share and have anonymously featured during one of the episodes, send it over, and I’ll weigh in on it.

Other Inquiries?

Feel free to submit all other inquiries as well and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. If the inquiries are in regards to coaching, web design services, and/or social media branding, please visit our maiden site and fill out the appropriate form or visit our general inquiry contact box.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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